The “Youth for Development of Lyaskovets” Association was founded by decision No 33/2010 of Veliko Tarnovo Regional Court. The establishment of the NGO was the result of the participation of three active young people from Lyaskovets in a seminar organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport in December 2009. The mission of the association is to unite like-minded people in the field of youth-oriented activities, education and community work with young people.    


  • To support the development of the civil society and the incorporation of young people into its democratic values and principles; to foster the free exchange of ideas and information, intellectual values and models of cooperation.

  • To develop volunteering among young people.
  • Counteraction and prevention of negative phenomena among young people (youth crime, addictions and drug abuse, prostitution, racist and xenophobic acts, etc.)
  • To support the development of quality and practically applicable education, social assistance and qualification of young people.

  • To foster the integration and socialization of young people from marginalized groups (disabled people, ethnic minorities, low-income youths, etc.).

  • Provision of social services in the community.

  • Involvement of young people in the protection of the environment, biodiversity and water.

A youth club of volunteers aged 18-29, trained under the “Peer-to-Peer Training” approach was established with the organization. These young people are motivated to change the attitudes, skills and knowledge of their peers by involving them in activities that would touch their personality.